Обратный клапан для отопления купить минск

Обратный клапан для отопления купить минск

Types of electrofusion fittings

We sell electrofusion polyethylene fittings of various types.


Электросварный тройник.

Tees are used for branch lines in above-ground or underground pipelines. They can be used in non-pressure and pressure drainage systems, water supply, sewage.


Electrofusion elbows are used to connect pipes at an angle of 11º, 30º, 45º, 60º, 90º. They can be used to transport liquids at a pressure of 16 atmospheres and to gases at a pressure of 10 atmospheres. Elbows are installed in industrial and domestic water supply lines, storm water and wastewater disposal systems.


The electrofusion plugs are necessary for sound insulation of polyethylene pipes in gas, technical and water supply systems. The choice of the product depends on the diameter of the pipeline.


Electrofusion coupling is used to connect plastic pipes on the straight of the pipeline. It can be used in domestic and industrial water supply and sewage systems.

Ball valve.

Шар крановый.

Electrofusion ball valve is a type of control valves with a welded joint. It is used in hot and cold running water systems to regulate the flow rate. Ball valves can be used for the installation of pools and fountains.

Telescopic extension.

A telescopic extension is used to open and close the ball valve. The main advantage of this fitting is its small diameter. You do not need to build a large well to reach the ball valve, a hatch will be enough.

Удлинитель телескопический


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